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At Burris Equipment Company, we only offer the highest quality products and services to our customers. We offer a wide range of expertise that is sure to meet all of your equipment needs.
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Staying Warm In Cold Temperatures

During the winter months, it’s important to stay warm when working outdoors in cold temperatures to retain body heat and avoid hypothermia and frostbite. The following best practices will help you and your team operating in the winter. Prepare Your Equipment Air Filters Check, and if necessary replace, air filters in the cab to improve your heater’s effectiveness. Also, make sure that snow or ice isn’t blocking any airways. Radiator Cover the radiator intake to help the machine warm up faster. Don’t operate the machine until the engine has reached operating temperature to reduce the chance of damage. Engine Block  Plug in engine block heaters at night for each machine to avoid problems and service calls. Wear The Proper Gear Coveralls Thermal insulated coveralls are essential for anyone who is working outdoors in the winter. They are designed to maximize body heat containment while allowing a wide range of motion. If coveralls aren’t an option, look for thermal long underwear to help keep in body heat. Helmet Liners Worn under a hard hat, these liners keep your head and neck warm. Fleece lined fabric is the most popular choice because of its comfort and insulation levels. Keep spares on hand and remember to wash them regularly for the best results. Maintain a stable center of gravity at all times.  Proper Gloves Glove selection is crucial to balancing warmth with dexterity. Make sure the fabric and textures are suited to your job and consider gloves that work with a liner. They may be a little oversized, but they allow increased protection. Thermal Socks and Insulated Boots Standing or walking on cold surfaces for long periods of time can quickly decrease your core body temperature. Double layer socks and boots designed for cold weather can make a big difference.   Optimize The Environment Ground Barriers Where possible, stand on mats, plywood or other barriers if you’ll be working outside for long periods of time. These materials act as installation to help decrease the amount of body heat lost to the cold ground. Portable Heaters There are many types and sizes of heaters that help keep workers warm. Rent or purchase heaters for outdoor projects to increase worker productivity. Watch For These Symptoms Keep an eye out for the following symptoms of over exposure. Hypothermia ·         The body stops shivering ·         Breath becomes shallow and slow ·         Victim will suffer from memory loss and confusion as well as exhaustion ·         Speech may become mumbled and slurred ·         Extremities will loose coordination causing stumbling and fumbling ·         Pulse will slow down and become weak ·         In severe cases unconsciousness can follow without breathing or a pulse Frost Bite Initial signs of frostbitten skin include ·         A change in color to white, grey-yellow, or dark and black ·         A texture that is hard and waxy feeling ·         Numbness ·         Blisters During rewarming and healing the skin may ·         Swell and become painful ·         Burn and itch Skin damaged by frostbite can suffer from long-term numbness. In some cases, the tissue dies requiring removal of the body part.

Boom Lift and Scissor Lift Rentals

Winter is finally here! For homeowners, now is the perfect time to take care of those pesky branches that might not make it through the winter, clean gutters or any other outdoor maintenance. For contractors and other professionals, indoor work may just be getting started. Burris Equipment offers a few options for Boom Lift rentals, including a tow behind unit that hooks right up to your truck. Every Boom Lift rental comes with a free harness & lanyard as well. undefined For those of you that may be working inside factories/buildings/homes this winter, we also offer a full line of JLG Scissor Lifts. We offer Electric Scissor Lifts in maximum heights of 19’, 20’, 26’, and 32’. Our smaller scissor lifts even have safety bars that fold down, so you can fit through a standard size doorway. undefined Feel free to view our online rental inventory or stop into any of our three locations to take a look at what we have to offer. We’d also be happy to discuss your job with you and assist you in evaluating what kind of lift can get your job done!

Featured Product – Pro-Tech Rubber Edge Sno Pusher

Pro-Tech’s rubber edge sno pushers come in numerous sizes and are made specifically for backhoes, compact wheel loaders, compact tractors, skid steers, and wheel loaders All Pro-Tech pushers are built with the highest quality in mind and consist of the following: Only prime steel is used, which meets the chemistry specifications as intended by the manufacturer and ensures a consistent high quality. Fully welded seems create a stronger more durable product that is also more resistant to corrosion. For added structural support of the moldboard, reinforced structural steel channels are welded to the back of the pushers. All pushers go through a 2 step paint process of high quality primer and paint.  Each coating is at least 4 millimeters thick. The SBR extruded rubber used for the rubber edge has a durometer of 65, and a tensile strength of 2,000psi and gives these edges a balance of harness, flexibility, and durability.