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At Burris Equipment Company, we only offer the highest quality products and services to our customers. We offer a wide range of expertise that is sure to meet all of your equipment needs.
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Summer Cooling System Tips

An engine's cooling system protects it from overheating and keeps it operating at optimal temperatures. If the cooling system is not maintained properly, it must work harder to prevent the engine from overheating. As a result, your machine will not operate as efficiently, and internal components could be damaged. It is estimated that cooling system problems are responsible for 40% of all downtime. Follow these maintenance tips to ensure optimal performance and reduce downtime. Check Cooling Fans The cooling fan is part of the cooling system and must be inspected regularly. Look for loose or damaged fan blades. Cracks or nicks in the fan blades can cause the fan to become out of balance and vibrate, which can destroy water pump bearings and other related components, eventually leading to total system failure. Also, inspect the fan for excessive debris buildup and clean regularly. The debris can cause the fan to disengage and blow a system fuse.  Clean Radiator and Coolers It is very important to power wash the radiator and cooler every few days, especially during hot weather. Humidity and dust buildup will coat radiators, air coolers, and oil coolers. This buildup cuts down on airflow and heat transfer significantly. As a result, operating temperatures increase dramatically and cause the engine to overheat and, ultimately, shut down.  Analyze Coolant Coolant that appears cloudy or has floating particulates could be an indication of corrosion, cavitation, and rust. Regardless of coolant type, all coolants should be clear. Inspect the inside of the radiator for corrosion, and check the coolant for signs of rust or debris. Follow the manufacturer's recommended drain intervals. At a minimum, coolant should be drained and flushed annually.  It is important to perform a coolant analysis because half of all water pump failures are caused by a concentration of antifreeze that is too high for the cooling system. Test the additive concentrations with a coolant analysis test by taking a sample and submitting it for analysis. The recommended interval for testing is 1,000 hours.  Replace Hoses and Clamps Frequently check the condition of your coolant hoses and clamps. As the temperature rises in the cooling system, the hoses and clamps expand and contract at different rates. This expanding and contracting of the hoses and clamps, repeated over and over, causes the hose-to-neck seal to wear. Inspect all radiator and heater core hoses and lines for excessive softness or hardness, and check for cracks and leaks. Be sure all the connections are tight to avoid water leakage and hydraulic hose failures. Replace hoses every two years. Contact Your Local Branch for More Information

Online Rental Request Tutorial

Ever wonder why you need to pickup a phone and call if you need to reserve a piece of rental equipment? At Burris Equipment, we believe renting equipment should be quick, convenient, and informative. We put together a quick guide to show you how to request a rental online: Here is the short version if you are in a hurry ;) Go to rental and find a piece, or many pieces, of equipment you want to rent. Select add to cart on each piece of rental equipment (you will find this button on the view more page of each item). Go to your cart and fill out the form. HINT: Don't forget the promo code at the bottom of this page. You will receive email confirmation of your request. Here is the other, scenic version: undefined First, we navigate to the rental page where we have a search feature where you can quickly search for equipment as well as categories to help you find the right equipment for the job. For the purposes of this tutorial, we will search for scissor lift. undefined After pressing the 'Search' button, we are shown a list of relevant results. I would like to sort by price so I am going to sort by average price. I am then able to compare the search results by price and any relevant specifications. I can quickly look at that information all on this screen. undefined I think I like the JLG 2032ES scissor lift for my job, so I select that piece of equipment by clicking 'View More' on the right. undefined I would now like to rent that piece of equipment so I select 'Add to Cart' and receive an alert that this item was added to my cart. I can also find my cart by scrolling to the top of the page and looking for the shopping cart icon. I can then go back to categories to find a welder for my job. I can follow the same process to select my sky welder and add it to my cart. After adding it to my cart, I can now see that I have two items and the pricing associated to those items on my search screen. undefined Once I am finished adding items to my cart, I select check out from the left of the search screen or select the shopping cart icon on the right. That will take me to the rental request form. undefined After filling in my contact information (don't forget the promo code at the bottom of this page). I can review the bottom portion of the page for an estimated total and a brief overview of the rental terms & conditions. undefined Once I am finished, I click submit and again see confirmation that my request has been successfully submitted. You will also receive an email confirmation of your request. undefined Please remember that this functionality is available on all devices so whether you are in your office or on-the-go, Burris Equipment is here for your rental needs. Submit a rental request today! Thank you for reading our tutorial. To show our appreciation, we would like to offer you an exclusive deal today! Use the promo code WEB418 to get 10% off all equipment rentals submitted online. Terms: Valid with promo code only. Must enter promo code when submitting the online rental request. Offer ends 4/11/2018. Offer good for rental contracts with a start date between 3/28/2018 and 4/11/2018.

Now Renting Turfco XT8 Aerators

As the snow starts to melt and the weather slowly warms, we are reminded that spring is right around the corner. For many people this is a reminder that their lawns will soon need attention after the harshness of winter. There are a few simple steps to take to ensure a lush green lawn for summer, one of which is aerating your lawn. Aerating pulls cores of dirt out of the ground allowing for air, water, and nutrients to enter the soil to bring life back to the lawn. At Burris Equipment we will be featuring a brand new ride on aerator this spring called the Turfco XT8.  This ride on aerator will speed up the process of aerating thanks to higher ground clearance, more horse power, and easier operation than its competitors.  undefined undefined undefined The new Turfco XT8 has a whopping 8 inches of ground clearance and a robust 22.5 horse power engine. This clearance and power allows the user to climb most curbs and other obstacles in the yard such as roots, brick, and rocks. The stronger engine will provide the user with less worry when doing deep cores and allow for a lower rpm when in use which means less gas used.  The XT8 also features a “set and forget” coring depth lever.  With this the user decides the length of cores they want, adjust the lever, locks it in place, and off they go.  This new XT8 has the horse power and strength that landscapers demand, and the ease of use for any homeowner to tackle the job themselves.  If you would like to learn more or schedule an XT8 for a rental, please visit the XT8 rental detail information page. If you have questions, please contact us via email or phone today!